ECITB Approved TMJI10 / TMJI11 / TMJI18 / TMJI19 / TMJI20

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Any individual who has completed their Work Based Task Assignment within the 12-month period for the following:

  • TMJI 10 - Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Flanged Joint
  • TMJI 11 - Dismantle, Assemble and Hand Torque Clamp Connector
  • TMJI 18 - Dismantle, Assemble and Tensioning Bolted Connections (Hydraulic Tensioning)
  • TMJI 19 - Dismantle, Assemble and Torque Hydraulically Torqued Bolted connections
  • TMJI 20 - Dismantle, Assemble and Hydraulically Torque Clamp Connector Joints

These can be completed as single entities or altogether if candidate has completed all assignments.


Once candidates have achieved satisfactory completion of their Work Based Task Assignment and signed off by their employer, they can then move on to completing their technical test (TMJI). Work Based Task Assignments have to be completed within the 12-month period from the date they completed their MJI training. Each individual will complete a formal assessment of their job knowledge, skills and ability in each Mechanical Joint Integrity subject.

The ECITB technical competence validation tests are standards-based consisting of a bank of knowledge questions and a practical task to validate the learner’s skills, knowledge and ability.

Successful candidates will attain an ECITB certificate of achievement which is valid for a period of 3 years.

Unsuccessful candidates must wait a minimum period of 4 weeks between the unsuccessful test session and the next session to allow for a period of training to address any skills or knowledge gaps.



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